Gaza and the worldwide ignorance

Ignoring facts seems to be the new reality. The BDS whom supporters are not recognizing facts and just simple starts shouting. The MSM and lots of ordinary citizens worldwide who wants the best for everyone and therefore also ignoring facts. The last weeks the news was dominated with news about boycott Iran and the Peace for Prosperity plan, concerning the so called Palestines, both initiated by the USA. The renewed USA boycott for Iran is not ‘new’ news but most be seen as a repeating worldwide alarm signal, as also is the p&p plan trying to end the so called conflict and incredibly violence between Israel and the Palestine’s. I downloaded this Peace-plan and the Iran and Gaza constitution. A lot to read that’s for sure. What also is sure is that I make a compliment to the USA government. But not only compliments, I also address the ignorance which is part of this specific USA policy. The Peace-plan which is build on prosperity and hope, is not going to succeed. The effort, so good, and the ground for the answer, negative, everybody, can be read in the two constitutions I mentioned before.

Central is the base from which out these two constitutions are written. The Islam religion is the founding. That should not be any problem at all except, after reading, it is.

Every Islamic state, theocracy, is convinced that the Islam is the leading religion that will protect under, Islamic law, other religions, there is no equality. Every Islamic state is obligated to help, in word and finance, other states and groups to promote with the goal to installed Islam states in present not Islamics states.

No interference from outsiders in Iran on economical, financial and defending grounds. For GAZA and the PA it’s the same. The billions that are going to be used for the Peace plan are not welcome. The donations from Islamic states are, as in paying the salary’s for government workers and for the family’s members of convicted murderers. This conform they’re constitutions. So the USA Peace-plan is the ultimate effort and shows us, sadly, that nothing will change this Islamic goal. That’s the fact that not can be ignored.

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