Lily’s Swahili tattoo

Under her left breast, under her heart, there is written, the most famous Kenya quote. Why, because her past builds her present. A Swiss father and a mother from Kenya. In Swiss she is the ‘black’ and in Kenya she is the ‘white’. In both countries she is the same ‘Lily’ who is looking in her mirror and feels good. It’s the other who is placing her, Lily, in the context of racial prejudice.

Kenya. The land where the white man, god, will give redemption for the individual suffering. The Swiss where the mountains, for centuries, were not climbed and concord by others. Its her conception, based on lust, not love, followed by Swiss responsibility and Kenyan opportunism what Lily made angry. The knowledge that life is not sweet and green, but raw and hard.

So under her heart is written in Swahili the saying; ‘Kikulacho kimo nguoni mwako’.

But for Lily it is more, this national saying, it is the worldwide truth, her truth, her struggle, the struggle with her childhood, with her hope and sorrow, better known as ‘your worst enemy is yourself’.

Now at last she has given herself ‘self redemption’. Accepting the past and enjoying the present, with the knowledge that she is and always will be ‘Lily’, lovely, beautiful Lily.

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