The Buchenwald kibbutzim, Dan helped

Yes, the Tel Aviv museum of modern art is a beautiful museum. It’s July 2019 and i am visiting one of the temporary exhibitions.

Prisoners of concentration camp Buchenwald managed to survive and made their way to Israel. That’s what this exhibition is all about. Buchenwald.

I am sure the survivors thought about it, the name of the kibbutz they were planning to establish . For weeks, for years, looking at the chimneys blowing hot ashes around. But it was not enough, all the thinking, pro and contras, discussions and the final decision; we are calling our kibbutz ‘Buchenwald’.

Bad, bad! For four years, the name was there, the ultimate ode for those who did not survive, who could not be there with them, the reminder for the next generations. There were other survivors, in Israel, who couldn’t accept, wanted to forget, move on, the future is waiting. Who thought it was not done, this name.

So they changed the name, sad, broken, knowing that wiping out history is feeding the lie, that Buchenwald will be forgotten, just a fantasy.

Not for the Jews, the political prisoners, the homosexuals, the criminals, but for all those others, the so called pure Catholics, the Christians, the Islamists, the fascists, the left and the right.

All who are a little, maybe big antisemitic. They will forget, they will deny, on purpose or just not interested.

My battery is low, Dan is helping me out. I am writing this blog on the Tel Aviv beach, he is serving me vodka with orange juice and helping me finish this blog by charging the battery behind the counter.

Helping me, but for sure for those who have been murdered a long time ago, so thanks Dan. I can write again.

So about this exposition, there is a video, one of the last Buchenwald survivors and the artist are featured in it. You will find a room with on the bed a knitted figure, a women, a female political prisoner, being captured and used as a sex slave. The curtain that’s hiding the bed is embroidered with a golden teeth pattern thats a reminder. They kill and steel, without any hesitation.

But Jews, political prisoners we don’t need that reminder.

The Jews in Amsterdam living in the Jewish neighbourhood can find, in this new century, in their letterbox a little flyer asking to collect their golden teeth and cash them in.

The ultimate antisemetic reminder, the threat ‘we know who is living here’.

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