Faro the terrible denial

I am surprised ; what a nice little town. Faro with in front a national sea park. Covered with birds and beautiful sandy beaches.

That’s not what I can say after visiting Faros historical and are archeological municipal museum. There is nothing wrong with the location. I see a splendid old monetary and the collection; famous mosaic and religious paintings. The Romans, the Arabic invasion and different wars. The Islam, Christianity, the Catholics they are all there.

But not the Jews, not one artefact, not one painting, not one old gravestone that shows me, an ordinary citizen, the history off the Jews. The Jews who are part of the Faro history. They were there. Living, praying, working and dying for a long, long, time. So after asking around, the Jews are

not a part of this museum. And that’s shameful, because its ‘manipulation of local history’. It’s 2020 and again shameful and painful.

Faro is it worth a visit? Yes it is, but go and ask if it’s possible to place a little artefact on one off the shelf’s.

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